New Roofs & Roof Repair

We specialize in roofing.  We can measure your roof and have an estimate within minutes.  We never do roof overlays.  We always tear off the old roof, repair any decking, add new moisture barrier, new pipe boots, new shingles.  

***FYI if a roof is done as an overlay, and not done properly, it will void the shingle warranty.

If you have an insurance claim, we will work with you and your insurance company, and also give you a roof upgrade.  We make the process as easy as possible.

A New Roof:

1. Protects your biggest investment

2. Lowers your insurance rates

3. Energy Efficient

4. No more hunting missing shingles after a storm

5. Can stop leaks and damage to your home

6. Updates the look of your home

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New Construction & Replacement Windows

Whether it be a new construction house needing a good quality window, or an old home needing replacement windows, we've got you covered.  Our windows will lower you utility bill dramatically.  Our windows have low e and argon gas inside the glass.  Low e is a film placed on the inside of the glass pane to stop the sun rays from entering the home.  Argon gas is a gas filled inside the window panes to stop the heat or cold from leaking through the glass.  These 2 options are what lowers the utility bill.  A lifetime glass breakage warranty is also included to all replacement windows. Ask about the tax credit that is being offered at the time of your window installment, they change every year.  

Replacement Windows:

1. Energy Efficient & lowers utility bill in the first month

2. Blocks sun rays and cold winds

3. Updates the look and feel of your home

4. Easy cleaning and maintenance

5. Lifetime glass breakage warranty

6. Better ventilation when both sashes are open

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Vinyl Siding

Maintenance Free & NO more Painting

For a clean, streamlined, maintenance free look to your home, vinyl siding is the way to go.  With several styles and colors to choose from, you can update the whole look of your home without blowing the budget. We have a showroom to help make the decision hassle free.  Siding is a lot more affordable than people think. Upkeep of siding is simply running the water hose over the wall once or twice a year- no more painting or hiring a painter.

Vinyl Siding:

1. Maintenance free exterior & easy cleaning

2. Energy efficient

3. Change the look of your home

4. Cost friendly for an updated option to your home

5. Better insulation

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Gutters & Gutter Clean Outs

Help Save Your Flower Beds

Gutters provide a way for the rain water to move away from your house.  They can save your flower beds from washing away, stop mud holes from forming around the house, or help with the river pouring off you roof at your front or back door.  We have seamless 5" and 6" gutters in several colors to match your home.  The gutter is formed at your house with our machine. Gutters are very affordable and look great on your home.

Gutter clean outs consist of removing all the debris in your gutters and downspouts. We also seal any cracks or separation in the gutter to stop leaks. Getting a clean out twice a year can save the life of the gutters on your home and help with rain removal when gutters are clogged.  


1. Saves the foundation of your home

2. Save your flower beds, or makes it easier to plant new flowers

3. Stops pondering on decks and patios that could lead to warps and cracks

4. Very affordable and cost effective

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Update the Look of Your Home with a New Door

Update the entrance to your home by simply replacing the front door.  This is very cost friendly, easy to install, and we have SEVERAL options to choose from: fiberglass, real wood, glass and steel.

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Home Accents

Shutters, Columns, Railing, Door Surronds, Etc.

Adding accents to your home can change the look dramatically.  Something as simple as adding shutters can make your home look 10x better.  Home accents are very affordable and easy to install. There are 1000s of options to update the look of your home.  We can replace the old worn columns, add new vinyl railing to replace the outdated wood railing, add shake shingle accents, etc.  The options are endless.  Give us call for our consultant to come out and share some ideas with you.

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